Bring Back Blenblen's Blog!


In 2003 the major media ignored a true story of human suffering. Not the first casualty, unlikely to be the last victim, but perhaps the most unnecessary collateral damage, Blenblen's blog was an example to us all, a shining beacon of incoherence snuffed out amidst the eddies of the patent wars. Now, exiled from the San Francisco Bay Area, Blenblen lives out a squalid existance in his birth country's capital, moulding the minds of a new generation of computer scientists and correcting their implementations of isdigit().

Friends, we should not allow this travesty to pass unopposed! We can fight this injustice, and overcome this iniquity! We shall surrender subjugation and by striving strenuously, secure supremacy and success! We shall rage, rage against the machinations that have dealt us this blow, and in the end, we will overcome!

There is strenth in unity! Add your name to the petition to bring back Blenblen's blog by emailing blenblenblog at!

(Some quotes may have been changed to slander the innocent.)


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