This is beta software, use it at your own risk.
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Richard has recently released the next PGPsendmail beta (1.4.1) which includes most of the modifications here. When the official release of 1.5 is made, these pages will disappear, and I'd encourage anyone who is using this version of pgpdaemon to replace it with Richard's.

I've hacked Richard Gooch's ``pgpsendmail'' package (which provides some utilities to automate PGP encryption of your email) to make it a little more useful.

As I mentioned, it's not been tested very thoroughly (hell, it works for me) so I'm not even going to make any vague assertions about whether or not it will work for you, but it's there, and it's free, so you can try it.

Like all good software, it's a Unix program. Don't bother downloading it if you're not running something that's vaguely POSIXish (it multitasks internally, uses normal and named pipes, that sorta stuff). It does work on Linux (which is what I use, woo!), and almost certainly most other Unices.

It needs to be compiled in any case. The documentation could also do with some updating (I haven't touched anything 'cept source code. Typical, eh?), but beyond what's already there:

	cat cyphertext | pgppipe | cat > plaintext

	cat plaintext | 
		pgpencrypt someone@somewhere another@person | 
		mail -s "encrypted message" someone@somewhere another@person

	cat plaintext | pgpsign | mail -s "signed message" whoever@whereever
...are the sort of commands you'll need to use.

If anyone would like to write up some man pages and/or update the READMEs, I'd be happy to include them.

For some more information, you might like to see the Pine filters I use.

[Any number of] people who've loaded images have seen this page since I put it here.

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